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about us

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As hospitality experts with a specialization in value-creation through unique design, we are often engaged by our clients during their property or investment evaluation phase to help them with their key context.

CGD provide a range of interior design and architectural design consulting services at various stages of a project life-cycle to aid our clients in achieving their objectives effectiveness.

CGD bring a vision of the property’s potential and the costs associated with achieving the objectives. Tiered, phased, and flexible, our recommendations respect our clients business keys while combining objective and focused on successful final goal.

CGD’s team consists of 25-30 leading Hotel, Residential, High rise Building, Corporate and Hospitality architects, designers and support staff based in Bangkok.

CGD is currently undertaking numerous hospitality projects across 7 countries including China, Indonesia(Bali), Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Switzerland and Thailand.

CGD is member of ASA and hold professional corporate license of architectural design and interior design.

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