Pssst! We’ve found a new urban oasis in Bangkok

When Bangkokians think about places for a peaceful escape, Asok probably doesn’t make their list. More often associated with traffic jams and crowded dining spots, there is, however, a serene side to Asok. Admittedly rare, but there is.

Divana Nurture Spa, the fifth spa by Divana, is tucked away in Sukhumvit Soi 13. To get to it, you have to go along a zigzagged path, but once you’re there, rest assured you’ll instantly forget you are a stone’s throw away from Bangkok’s busiest area.

The vast 1-rai area has a fresh green lawn in front, a wooden sala where healthy activities are held and then a main building. It looks more like home and that’s because it used to be one. Completely renovated, the spacious building now houses seven treatment rooms.

Recently opened just last month, Divana Nurture Spa’s décor is inspired by lotus flowers, designed by the famous interior designer, Sopit Sucharitkul. Lotus is also used as an ingredient in the spa products.


Let it be said, I’m not usually the one to write about welcome drinks. Honestly, I never really drink them anyway, be it at a spa or a hotel. But on the day I visited Divana Nurture Spa, it was a particularly hot day, so I was desperate for some H2O. The staff presented me with a cold drink. Upon my first gulp, I was sent straight into euphoria. I just had to ask what’s in it, because I wanted to make it at home. She told me it was a mix of ginger, bael juice, pandan, honey and a few other things I can’t remember — apparently it’s too complicated for me to try concocting. Note to self: bring a flask on next visit.

Now, onto the treatments. Treatments here range from quick sessions under an hour to a full-day programme that will revitalise you from the inside out. I wish I had enough time to try a five-hour programme, but who would finish the work waiting for me back at the office? I opted for one of the signature remedies — Longevity Phikat Bua (210 mins, B5,250).

Step by step, the treatment includes Ashiyu Foot Soak, Ancient Lotus Powder Body Polish, Thai Rice Wine Body Soak, Authentic Thai Herbal Steam, Holistic Yokee Massage and Detoxify Divine Jade Stone Therapy. In more simple words, you’ll be scrubbed, soaked, steamed and massaged.


First of all, hats off to all the products used here. They smell so heavenly and feel incredible on the skin. The lotus powder body polish had a gentle floral aroma that instantly relaxed me, while the sake body soak, a rather unusual experience, woke up my senses and softened my skin better than any moisturiser I have at home. Think chilled drink poured onto your skin on a hot day — it doesn’t get better than that.

The massage eased most of the tension off my office syndrome-prone body, but it was the jade stone therapy that really sealed the deal. The warm stone soothed my skin and muscles, melting away all the knots and stiffness. I wish I could tell you more, but I fell asleep half way through the last part. It was that good.

I came out of the treatment room being torn between two feelings: wanting to stay for a few more hours and being ready to face the world once again because I was so energised and revitalised. After a bit of internal debating, the more responsible side of me won. But when you’re so relaxed and pampered, everything on your to-do list looks a bit easier to achieve.

In addition to treatments, Divana Nurture Spa also offers longevity activities such as yoga, tai chi and reiki, led by visiting masters of each field. Check with them to see what classes are being offered. g

Divana Nurture Spa is located in Sukhumvit Soi 13. For more information, visit or call 02-651-2916. Parking is available.


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